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Cabo Verde - Special framework for Pledges over Movable assets

Cape Verde - April 7 2020 Decree Law No. 40/2020, of 1 April 2020, sets forth a special framework for pledges over any type of movable assets (including over the entirety of a…

Pedro Cassiano Santos, Sumila Santos

Angola- Foreign exchange policy

Angola - February 13 2020 The Angolan Central Bank (Banco Nacional de Angola "BNA") recently approved Notice no. 01/2020, with a view to simplifying the administrative…

Joana Pacheco

Angola- Legal framework of equity securities

Angola - February 13 2020 Presidential Legislative Decree No. 1/20 was recently approved, establishing the Legal Framework of Equity Securities, characterised as hybrid…

Joana Pacheco

Banking Regulation 2019 - Angola

Angola - May 1 2019 The Angolan banking system now comprises 27 banks, and it is widely agreed that Angola’s banking institutions will need to go through a consolidation…

Hugo Moredo Santos

Banking Regulation- Angola

Angola - November 26 2018 It is probable that the economic and financial crises which affected Angola after oil prices began to drop in 2015, may persist. As a result, banks…

Hugo Moredo Santos