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Cyberbullying laws in Australia

Australia - August 16 2018 Cyberbullying is emerging as a significant legal issue of growing national and international importance. In today’s digital age, the once distinct…

Rick Mitry.

The Hague Conference on Private International Law

Global, Netherlands - November 28 2018 Private international law plays an integral role in governing and resolving cross border disputes. In a global community that is composed of vast and…

Rick Mitry.

Are Verbal Contracts Valid? A Comparative Analysis Between Common Law, Civil Law and the CISG

Australia, Global - September 9 2019 Comparative contract law is a fascinating field of scholarly discussion, as it explores numerous challenges pertaining to interpretation and…

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Lebanon

Lebanon - August 14 2018 A foreign judgment can be enforced in Lebanon pursuant to a grant of exequatur (recognition) by the Lebanese Civil Court of Appeal provided the…

Rick Mitry.

Are Diplomats Above The Law? Lifting The Veil Of Diplomatic and Foreign State Immunity

Australia - October 4 2018 Diplomatic and consular immunity originated from ancient Roman and Greek state practice and gained global recognition…

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