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Supreme Court Decision Bodes Well for Hospitals Appealing DSH SSI Issue

USA - July 1 2022 In Becerra v. Empire Health Found., the Supreme Court upheld CMS’s decision to include Medicare exhaust and secondary payor days in the Medicare…

Maureen O'Brien Griffin, Dan Miller

Supreme Court Overturns 340B Payment Reductions

USA - June 15 2022 On June 15, in American Hospital Association v. Becerra, the Supreme Court ruled the payment cuts made by the Department of Health and Human…

Maureen O'Brien Griffin, Drew B. Howk, Dan Miller, Todd A. Nova

CMS Issues Surveyor Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Interim Final Rule

USA - January 5 2022 On December 28, 2021, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) issued Guidance for the Interim Final Rule - Medicare and Medicaid…

Brian D. Jent, Jennifer F. Skeels

As Legal Challenges Continue, OSHA Suspends its Vaccine ETS

USA - November 22 2021 As Hall Render noted, last week the Sixth Circuit was selected to be the sole Court of Appeals to hear the 27 lawsuits brought to challenge the OSHA…

Drew B. Howk, Kevin A. Stella, Dana E. Stutzman

Challenges to Federal Government Vaccine Mandate Initiatives Continue

USA - November 16 2021 As Hall Render previously reported last week, 10 states challenged the CMS and HHS Interim Final Rule (“IFR”) requiring vaccination of staff of…

Drew B. Howk, Dana E. Stutzman, Krystal M. Villarruel