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The Future of Telehealth: Examining “What’s Next”

USA - March 16 2021 While the COVID-19 public health emergency (“PHE”) has driven significant change throughout health care, some of the more expansive changes relate…

Chris Eades, Regan E. Tankersley

The Finish Line Is Here: New Stark and Anti-Kickback Regulations Take Effect Today

USA - January 19 2021 Starting today, January 19, 2021, health care organizations nationwide must comply with new regulations aimed at modernizing and Streamlining key…

Joseph N. Wolfe, Ritu Kaur Cooper, Megan Culp, Keith Dugger, Alyssa C. James, Jennifer F. Skeels, Gregg M. Wallander

DOJ Recouped $2.2B Under FCA in 2020, Plus $3.6B in Still-Pending Settlements

USA - January 15 2021 The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) recently announced that the United States recovered over $2.2 billion from False Claims Act (“FCA”) cases in the…

Matt Schappa, Drew B. Howk, Heather D. Mogden, Katherine A. Kuchan, R.N.

Holiday Surprise for Health Care Providers: Spending Package Includes Surprise Billing Fix

USA - December 28 2020 On December 22, 2020, Congress passed a government funding deal, which includes a long-awaited federal fix for “surprise billing.” Most of the new…

Lisa A. Lucido, Amy L. Mackin, Angela Smith

Congress Prepared to Pass COVID-19 Relief Package

USA - December 21 2020 Lawmakers in Washington have reached an agreement on a legislative package that will provide $900 billion in COVID-19 relief and approximately $1.4…

Andrew C. Coats, John F. Williams III