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The Weekly Roundup: The Antiques Roadshow Edition

European Union, United Kingdom - August 16 2021 We were fascinated to learn this week that even Russian oligarchs have troubles, if only the stress of what to do with their antiques collections…

Andrew Spencer

The Weekly Roundup: The Bills, Bills, Bills Edition

European Union, United Kingdom - July 5 2021 Disappointed by our failure to break the Hancock Affair story last week, we were determined to do better this week, and in our rummagings in the bins…

Robert Parkin

Webinar Recording: Occupiers Liability - Reminder of the Basics

United Kingdom - June 11 2021 In yesterday’s webinar, Robert Parkin and Henk Soede covered the basic principles of Occupiers Liability. They considered what to look for in a…

Robert Parkin

The Weekly Roundup: The Apolitical Edition

European Union, United Kingdom - June 1 2021 What a lovely weekend! But while the 1CL vegetable patch received some much-needed attention (our strawberries are coming on a treat, but we're a…

Dominique Smith

Personal Injury Briefing - May 2021

United Kingdom - May 27 2021 S 2(2). Of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 sets out the persuasively simple proposition that an occupier owes a duty to take such care as is…

Laura Johnson, Robert Parkin