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Privacy in the news and what it means for your organisation

Australia, United Kingdom, USA - October 19 2022 Privacy and data breaches are in our headlines yet again, but what can the not-for-profit and education sectors learn this time around? This article…

Cecelia Irvine-So, Grace Appleford

How long do you need to keep your students’ data?

Australia - October 13 2022 Retention of data is a topical issue at present. Retaining data for too long raises the potential for any data breaches to be more damaging and…

Cecelia Irvine-So, Grace Appleford

How to deal with harassing messages to your school staff

Australia - October 12 2022 The last couple of challenging years have seen a dramatic increase in aggression aimed at teachers, whether in person or via email and other…

Cecelia Irvine-So, Grace Appleford

A rise in information requests points to a breakdown of trust

Australia - September 28 2022 We have seen a steady rise in information requests being made by parents, clients and other individuals connected to our clients across education…

Grace Appleford

School Community Safety Orders: What you need to know

Australia - August 11 2022 The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) has been amended to grant powers to Principals and other authorised officers to ban disruptive or…

Cecelia Irvine-So, Grace Appleford