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When One Share Does Not Mean One Vote: The Fight Against Dual-Class Capital Structures

USA - May 22 2018 Over the past decade, companies have increasingly adopted "dual-class" capital structures, which concentrate control in a small group of company…

Julia Johnson, Mark Lebovitch

SEC whistleblower program seeing renewed support under Biden administration

USA - December 5 2021 Whistleblowers have a longstanding and vital role to play in detecting securities fraud. Protections for whistleblowers weakened during the Trump…

Lauren M. Cruz

Gaming the system: corporate disclosures and 'information bundling'

USA - September 9 2021 The company and law firm names shown above are generated automatically based on the text of the article. We are improving this feature as we continue…

Nicholas Gersh

Commentary: When watchdogs go astray

USA - June 28 2018 The investment community relies on the Accounting industry to prevent misconduct and fraud. But what happens when the auditors of corporate America…

Julia Johnson