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Q1 l 2020

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New PRC Law on Protection of Rights and Interests of Women: Key Implications for Employers

China - November 25 2022 China passed and adopted the newly amended PRC Law on Protection of Rights and Interests of Women (“New Law”) on 30 October 2022. The New Law will…

Sophy Wang

Employees’ Demands vs. Legal Requirements - Proper Arrangement of Provision of Social Insurance for Employees at Locations Different from Company's Registered Location

China - October 24 2022 In the past years, many companies provided social insurance through HR agencies for employees at locations where they work or have their Hukou…

Ada Hua

New Favorable Social Security Policies Issued for the Epidemic in China

China - June 14 2022 To help companies to overcome difficulties due to the epidemic, in April and May 2022, the Chinese Government released some favorable policies on…

Ada Hua

HR Management for Resumption of Work in Shanghai

China - May 9 2022 After the entire city has been locked down for a month, the epidemic situation of Omicron Virus in Shanghai is in remission. The government advocates…

Ada Hua

Chinese Government Grants More Leave in Helping Employees Supporting Families

China - January 10 2022 The issues of low fertility rate and Aging of the population are getting more and more serious in China. In response to that, the Chinese government…

Ada Hua