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Revisiting the Organisation of Working Time (Civil Aviation) Regulations

European Union, Malta - October 26 2021 In the past few months, the civil aviation sector has started to bounce back from the repercussions of Covid 19, making it an opportune time to…

Michael Grech

The Merchant Shipping Directorate’s new Pleasure Yacht Changeover Guidelines

Global, Malta - October 18 2021 The Merchant Shipping Directorate of Transport Malta has issued the ‘Commercial Yacht - Pleasure Yacht Guidelines (‘the Guidelines’) on the 2nd of…

Michael Grech

The Potential of Blockchain to revolutionise the Maltese Maritime Industry

Malta - August 19 2021 A 'blockchain' is a system which can record transactions between two parties in an efficient, verifiable, and permanent way, where transactions made…

Nina Fauser, Gayle Kimberley

Green Shipping: The not-so-distant Future?

Canada, Malta - August 11 2021 With green hydrogen stocks flying through the roof in 2020, it is no secret that this zero-carbon phenomenon is enjoying a worldwide unprecedented…

Nina Fauser, Gayle Kimberley

Amendments to the Aircraft Registration Act: Key Observations

European Union, Malta - July 15 2021 Malta is an optimal jurisdiction for Aircraft Registration and many advantages come part and parcel with registering an aircraft in the Maltese…

Katrina Abela, Michael Grech