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Apple fine reduced but French ‘Davids’ might have found a new slingshot against digital ‘’Goliaths as tort of economic dependency is upheld

France - November 9 2022 In a ruling dated 6 October 2022, the Paris Court of Appeal partially annulled a 2020 decision by the French competition Authority (the Autorité)…

Tom Bolster, Wessen Jazrawi

Dutch Trucks litigation: are truck cartelists reaching the end of the road?

Netherlands - July 27 2022 On 27 July 2022, the Amsterdam District Court (the Court) ruled against the defendants on the legal standing of the claim vehicles, the admissibility…

Scott Campbell, Jantina Hiemstra, Ines Lulof, Rogier Meijer, Antoine Riquier, Erik-Jan Zippro

The 2020 Apple Decision in France: A New Antitrust Era for GAFAs?

France - May 4 2020 On 16 March 2020, the French Competition Authority found Apple guilty of three anticompetitive practices and imposed a record-breaking fine of € 1.1…

Laurent Geelhand

Competition Litigation in the UK - 2019 in Review

United Kingdom - January 7 2020 2019 has produced a number of, mostly helpful, precedents for claimants bringing competition damages actions in the English courts…

Luke Grimes, Scott Campbell, Antonio Delussu