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E-commerce giant Amazon faces legal action for unlawfully favouring its own product offers

European Union, United Kingdom - October 20 2022 A new collective claim - UK Buy Box Claim - alleges that Amazon has breached UK and EU competition law directing users of its website and app to…

Aqeel Kadri, Ines Lulof, Anna Morfey, Edward Nyman

A ‘paradigm’ case for collective proceedings: the Competition Appeal Tribunal releases its certification judgment in the case brought by Liz Coll against Google

United Kingdom - September 2 2022 On 31 August 2022, the Competition Appeal Tribunal released its judgment in Elizabeth Helen Coll v Alphabet Inc. and Others [2022] CAT 39, which…

Sofie Edwards, Anna Stellardi

In the 2nd on-the-spot certification, the CAT authorises Liz Coll as class representative against Google

United Kingdom - July 18 2022 In a significant development for millions who use Google’s UK Play Store, on 18th July 2022 the Competition Appeal Tribunal has authorised consumer…

Antonio Delussu, Sofie Edwards, Kio Gwilliam, Anna Stellardi, Luke Streatfeild

A green light for the Kent collective claim against Apple

United Kingdom - July 1 2022 In what is great news for millions who use Apple’s UK App Store, the Competition Appeal Tribunal has refused Apple’s attempt to limit Dr. Rachael…

Antonio Delussu, Sofie Edwards, Kio Gwilliam, Anna Stellardi, Luke Streatfeild

The Competition Cast - The post-Brexit landscape

European Union, United Kingdom - June 24 2022 In this inaugural episode of the Competition Cast, Anna Morfey, Lesley Hannah and Amandine Gueret discuss the current post-Brexit developments’…

Amandine Gueret, Anna Morfey