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In the 2nd on-the-spot certification, the CAT authorises Liz Coll as class representative against Google

United Kingdom - July 18 2022 In a significant development for millions who use Google’s UK Play Store, on 18th July 2022 the Competition Appeal Tribunal has authorised consumer…

Antonio Delussu, Sofie Edwards, Lesley Hannah, Anna Stellardi, Luke Streatfeild

A green light for the Kent collective claim against Apple

United Kingdom - July 1 2022 In what is great news for millions who use Apple’s UK App Store, the Competition Appeal Tribunal has refused Apple’s attempt to limit Dr. Rachael…

Antonio Delussu, Sofie Edwards, Lesley Hannah, Anna Stellardi, Luke Streatfeild

CMA’s market study on mobile ecosystems: Setting the tone for enforcement in mobile markets

United Kingdom - February 28 2022 Mobile devices, and the ecosystem of products, content, and services associated with them, are already central to our lives. The fundamental…

Ginevra Bicciolo, Luke Streatfeild

Apple and Google lose early bids to view sensitive funding information in separate collective actions in the UK

United Kingdom - February 14 2022 In separate proceedings, both Apple and Google have lost in quick succession early bids to access sensitive information relating to the funding of…

Sofie Edwards, Lesley Hannah

German Federal Cartel Office subjects Google as ‘undertaking of paramount significance for competition across markets’ to stricter antitrust law obligations

Germany - January 7 2022 On 30 December 2021, the German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt, “FCO”) adopted a decision to designate Alphabet Inc., the parent company of…

Dr. Thomas Höppner, Philipp Westerhoff