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E-commerce giant Amazon faces legal action for unlawfully favouring its own product offers

European Union, United Kingdom - October 20 2022 A new collective claim - UK Buy Box Claim - alleges that Amazon has breached UK and EU competition law directing users of its website and app to…

Lesley Hannah, Aqeel Kadri, Anna Morfey, Edward Nyman

Greenwashers beware: new FCA proposals will force investment firms to clean up their act

United Kingdom - November 14 2022 In its recently published consultation paper “Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels”, the Financial Conduct Authority…

Simon Bishop, James Hilton

The green collective: European Commission clarifies whether - and how - competitors are allowed to work together on sustainability

European Union - March 8 2022 The European Commission (the “Commission”) has recently launched a public consultation inviting interested parties to comment on two draft revised…

Wessen Jazrawi

The mitigation defence meets reality

United Kingdom - January 19 2022 The English Court of Appeal recently dismissed the appeal brought by NTN Corporation (NTN) in a cartel damages case, which centred around NTN’s…

Tim Brown

Corporate sustainability: Commission drafts due diligence Directive

European Union - March 29 2022 The European Commission (the ”Commission”) has adopted a proposal for a Directive on corporate sustainability due diligence (the “Proposed…

Wessen Jazrawi