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Greenwashers beware: new FCA proposals will force investment firms to clean up their act

United Kingdom - November 14 2022 In its recently published consultation paper “Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels”, the Financial Conduct Authority…

Simon Bishop, James Hilton

E-commerce giant Amazon faces legal action for unlawfully favouring its own product offers

European Union, United Kingdom - October 20 2022 A new collective claim - UK Buy Box Claim - alleges that Amazon has breached UK and EU competition law directing users of its website and app to…

Lesley Hannah, Aqeel Kadri, Anna Morfey, Edward Nyman

Dutch Trucks litigation: are truck cartelists reaching the end of the road?

Netherlands - July 27 2022 On 27 July 2022, the Amsterdam District Court (the Court) ruled against the defendants on the legal standing of the claim vehicles, the admissibility…

Scott Campbell, Jantina Hiemstra, Rogier Meijer, Alexandre Predal, Antoine Riquier, Erik-Jan Zippro

Corporate sustainability: Commission drafts due diligence Directive

European Union - March 29 2022 The European Commission (the ”Commission”) has adopted a proposal for a Directive on corporate sustainability due diligence (the “Proposed…

Wessen Jazrawi

The green collective: European Commission clarifies whether - and how - competitors are allowed to work together on sustainability

European Union - March 8 2022 The European Commission (the “Commission”) has recently launched a public consultation inviting interested parties to comment on two draft revised…

Wessen Jazrawi