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The Competition Cast - The post-Brexit landscape

European Union, United Kingdom - June 24 2022 In this inaugural episode of the Competition Cast, Anna Morfey, Lesley Hannah and Amandine Gueret discuss the current post-Brexit developments’…

Lesley Hannah, Anna Morfey

Document production under the lens: the return of the French blocking statute?

United Kingdom - June 13 2022 Every now and then, references to the French “Loi de Blocage” (Blocking Statute) are made in the context of discovery or disclosure proceedings in…

Laurent Geelhand

The Lawyer identifies Power Cable follow-on cartel claim among the Top 20 litigation for 2022

United Kingdom - January 12 2022 Each year The Lawyer identifies the Top 20 cases to watch in the courts for the upcoming years. This is the 5th time since 2017 that cases litigated…

Ginevra Bicciolo, Anna Morfey, Luke Streatfeild

FinTech and electronic payments: between privacy and competition, the French Competition Authority releases findings following its sectoral investigation

European Union, France - May 21 2021 After investigating the pharmaceutical industry and e-commerce, the French Competition Authority has recently published the conclusions of…

Laurent Geelhand

The European Commission’s comfort letters: an adaptation of EU competition law?

European Union - May 4 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals, businesses and organisations to adapt at a pace no one would have ever imagined possible. EU…

Lucy Rigby