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Work Health & Safety Federal Update 2022 - What you need to know

Australia - January 13 2022 Further to our previous Federal Update on the Work Health and Safety laws in Australia, we continue to see a raft of Australian jurisdictions make…

Laura Sowden, Amber Zhang

Religious Discrimination Bill 2021

Australia - December 20 2021 The Federal Government has released the draft Religious Discrimination Bill 2021 which allows religious bodies and schools to make employment…

Laura Sowden, Amber Zhang

Mandatory Vaccinations in the Workplace: Are they discriminatory?

Australia - November 16 2021 Our Employment Practices Liability (EPL) team recently considered what is considered a “lawful and reasonable direction” when implementing mandatory…

Corrina Dowling, Tinashe Makamure

Employer fails to have employee medical records produced when defending stop bullying application

Australia - October 6 2021 The Fair Work Commission has refused to grant an order requiring an employee’s doctor to hand over her medical records as it may have a “harmful…

Theresa Au, Laura Sowden

Safety Update: NSW Code of Practice on managing psychosocial hazards at work

Australia - June 7 2021 SafeWork NSW have recently developed a Code of Practice to provide practical guidance on how to manage psychosocial hazards and risks at work. Mental…

Laura Sowden