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Business Income Tax in the UAE in 2023

OECD, United Arab Emirates - September 9 2022 Many are still of the belief that business income tax (also called corporate income tax (CT)) is only under discussion and its introduction uncertain…

Mevan Bandara, Shahram Safai

Booming Market: Real Estate Ownership Rules for Foreigners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates - September 6 2021 The real estate market in Dubai has been making significant improvements in 2021 after the successful handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by the UAE…

Shahram Safai, Suditi Surana

DMCC Company Regulations 2020: Keeping up with international best practices

United Arab Emirates - March 18 2020 The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Authority has recently issued new company regulations (the Company Regulations 2020). The Company…

Saurbh Kothari, Danielle Lobo

At a glance: hiring employees in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - April 30 2021 A look at the key legal provisions governing the hiring of employees in United Arab Emirates, including background checks, anti-discrimination laws, probationary periods and employee classification, among other things.

Charles Laubach

Q&A: anti-corruption regulation in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - March 12 2020 This Q&A covers the essential legal and practical considerations surrounding anti-corruption regulation in United Arab Emirates.

Charles Laubach