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Advisory Committee established to identify candidates to be appointed as President of the High Court

Ireland - April 28 2022 The government has agreed a process for the nomination of a person to be appointed as President of the High Court, the third most senior position…

Danielle Sumner, Hannah Torpey

Significant increase in government funding for organisations supporting victims of crime

Ireland - April 27 2022 The Minister for Justice, Ms Helen McEntee recently announced an increase of more than 20% of funding to support victims of crime. The funding has…

Danielle Sumner, Hannah Torpey

"You're hired" - merit based process for appointing judges is approved

Ireland - April 21 2022 On 31 March 2022, the Minister for Justice announced that the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill 2022 (the "Bill") was approved by Government and…

Hannah Torpey, Hannah Unger

CORU welcomes Health and Social Care Professionals from Ukraine to register and work in Ireland

Ireland, Ukraine - April 20 2022 CORU, Ireland's regulatory body for health and social care professionals, has recently announced their support in helping applicants from Ukraine…

Danielle Sumner

A Consumer's Kryptonite? - Central Bank issues warning on the risks of investing in crypto assets

Ireland - March 31 2022 On 22 March 2022, The Central Bank of Ireland ("CBI"), the Irish financial regulator, issued a fresh warning (via a press release on their website) on…

Hannah Unger