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Indirect infringement: Australian and U.S. approaches compared

Australia, USA - February 2 2015 A recent decision handed down by the Federal Court of Australia, Blue Gentian LLC v Product Management Group Pty Ltd [2014] FCA 1331, illustrates the…

Dr. Victoria M. Longshaw

License agreements for patent pools: licensees beware

Australia - January 13 2015 A recent case before the Full Bench of the Australian Federal Court of Australia, Regency Media Pty Ltd v MPEG LA., L.L.C. [2014] FCAFC 183, is a…

Dr. Victoria M. Longshaw

Pharmaceutical bioequivalence and patent claim infringement: a catch 22

Australia - December 1 2014 In Glaxo SmithKline Australia Pty Ltd v Pharmacor Pty Ltd (2014), a case that was recently before the Federal Court of Australia, Glaxo SmithKline…

Dr. Victoria M. Longshaw

Trade secrets in the Cloud from an Australian perspective

Australia - October 6 2014 The recent hacking scandal in which dozens of celebrity photos were leaked from iCloud, Apple's cloud storage facility, is a stark reminder of how…

Dr. Victoria M. Longshaw

Clarity: the Achilles heel of patent applicants in Australian opposition proceedings

Australia - June 11 2014 The Australian Patent Office recently handed down a Decision in Patent Opposition Proceedings, which illustrates the difficulty faced by Applicants…

Dr. Victoria M. Longshaw