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Important changes brought to the legal regime of consumer leasing agreements

Romania - April 25 2021 On 19 April 2021 came into force Law 83/2021 amending and supplementing Government Ordinance no. 51/1997 on leasing operations and leasing companies…

Andrei Konya, Alexandra Manciulea, Rebecca Marina

Modificări importante aduse regimului juridic al contractelor de leasing încheiate cu consumatorii

Romania - April 23 2021 În data de 19 aprilie 2021 a intrat în vigoare Legea…

Andrei Konya, Alexandra Manciulea, Rebecca Marina

Changes to COVID-19 - Financing Moratorium

Romania - January 5 2021 GEO 37/2020 on the granting of certain facilities for the loans granted by credit institutions and non-banking financial institutions to…

Alina Stancu Birsan, Alexandra Manciulea, Rebecca Marina

Modificari aduse regulamentului BNR privind regimul valutar

Romania - August 11 2020 Regulamentul Bancii Nationale a Romaniei („BNR") nr. 4 din 2005 privind regimul valutar („Regulamentul Valutar") a fost recent amendat…

Camelia Ianțuc, Alina Stancu Birsan

suspension of the loan repayment and the emergency situation certificate

Romania - May 19 2020 The extension of the deadlines within which the repayment of loans and the release of emergency situation certificates may be requested, as well as…

Rebecca Marina