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what amendments could bring the debt discharge law

Romania - May 11 2020 The Parliament approved on 29 April 2020 the amendment to the provisions of Law No. 77/2016 on discharge of mortgage-backed debts through transfer of…

Diana Dinca, Rebecca Marina

Ce modificari ar putea fi aduse Legii darii in plata

Romania - May 6 2020 Parlamentul a aprobat in data de 29 aprilie 2020 modificarea dispozitiilor Legii nr. 77/2016 privind darea in plata a unor bunuri imobile in vederea…

Alina Stancu Birsan, Diana Dinca, Rebecca Marina

What are the amendments brought by the Approving Law of GEO 37/2020

Romania - May 6 2020 This newsletter refers to the amendments and additional provisions passed by the Parliament under the Law for the approval of Emergency Ordinance no…

Rebecca Marina, Cosmin Roman

Ce modificari aduce Legea de Aprobare a OUG 37/2020

Romania - May 1 2020 Acest newsletter are in vedere modificarile si completarile adoptate in Parlament prin Legea pentru aprobarea Ordonantei de Urgenta nr. 37/2020…

Alina Stancu Birsan, Rebecca Marina, Cosmin Roman

The European Union moratoria on loan payments at a glance

European Union, Romania - April 8 2020 The current Covid-19 health crisis and the governments’ response to it has rapidly led towards economic turmoil. Population confinement and business…

Alina Stancu Birsan, Rebecca Marina