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The Take Off Trend - Commercial Use of Drones

Australia - April 11 2017 With the constant advancements in affordable drone technology, the ability for the people to purchase and operate drones is increasing. The majority…

Jerome Quinn

Structuring Sport Correctly

Australia - April 11 2017 Sporting clubs and organisations are often set up without much thought as to the best legal structure to use. It then often becomes a thought process…

Jerome Quinn

IP Law Changes Imminent and Necessary for Innovation

Australia - February 28 2017 In a recent article Patent Attorney Dr Mark Sommerfield comments on the 6 January Productivity Commission report on the country’s IP system. Patents…

Mylton Burns

Unfair Contract Terms | ACCC Provides Guidance

Australia - December 7 2016 The Small Business Unfair Contract Terms regime in the Australian Consumer Law commenced on 12 November 2016. Any standard form small business…

Andrea Hetherington

New Revenue Bill to reverse Court of Appeal Decision on First Home Duty Concession Eligibility

Australia - August 31 2016 The Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 was introduced to Parliament on 16 June 2016 (the Bill). In April, we published an article…

Andrea Hetherington