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Bullying under Fair Work Act: 12 months on

Australia - March 19 2015 In January 2014, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) began exercising its newly vested jurisdiction to make orders in relation to workplace bullying under…

Lucy Fennelly

Hiring employees - are the questions you ask discriminatory?

Australia - March 19 2015 Nowadays, in the recruitment process, potential employees often submit online application forms that require personal information including name…

Lucy Fennelly

Do you commit these common mistakes when using template agreements?

Australia - March 19 2015 Template employment agreements can be an operational and administrative saviour. But if used incorrectly template materials may in fact cause…

Lucy Fennelly

Serious misconduct – did it just become easier to summarily dismiss employees?

Australia - March 19 2015 A recent decision of the Supreme Court of New South Wales has demonstrated how carefully drafted employment agreements can make it easier for…

Lucy Fennelly

Walk the talk

Australia - February 5 2015 During the 1990s there was recognition of the difficulties with multiple work health and safety regimes in each State and Territory. The crux of…

John Hamilton