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Restraint of trade – are you being reasonable?

Australia - October 30 2012 Having a well constructed restraint of trade clause in an employment contract is extremely important to protect the legitimate interests of an employer and their business.

Lucy Fennelly

Inadequate workplace investigations and unfair dismissal

Australia - May 4 2012 Workplace investigations are a complex and often difficult process.

Lucy Fennelly

Teachers, students and social media: a recipe for disaster?

Australia - February 18 2014 There is no doubt that the development of technology and its use in the classroom has created an indispensible tool to engage and interact with…

Lucy Fennelly

Cheer up or be expelled

Australia - July 27 2012 Schools, colleges and universities who are excluding students for being mentally ill or conveying suicidal ideation are plainly discriminating.

Kate Chipperfield

Dismissal after inappropriate Facebook posts held to be unfair

Australia - October 30 2012 The recent decision in Linfox Australia Pty Ltd v Stutsel [2012] FWAFB 7079 reinforces how important it is for employers to have sound social media policies.

Lucy Fennelly