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Cheer up or be expelled

Australia - July 27 2012 Schools, colleges and universities who are excluding students for being mentally ill or conveying suicidal ideation are plainly discriminating.

Lisa Oldham

Redundancy – what not to do

Australia - October 17 2013 A former manager of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (the Bank) has been awarded $187,000 plus $48,000 interest, after his appeal to the Supreme Court of…

Lisa Oldham

University sham redundancy costs $37,000

Australia - October 17 2013 The Federal Court has warned against using "sham redundancies" to discard unwanted employees. In May 2013 the Federal Court ordered the Royal…

Lisa Oldham

Do you have the “right to an attorney”?

Australia - October 17 2013 A self-represented gardener suffering from brain-damage is set to have his unfair dismissal case re-heard after the Federal Court permitted his former…

Lisa Oldham

Unfair dismissal thresholds

Australia - October 17 2013 A manager at an actuarial consulting firm, who handled funds over $100 million has had his application for unfair dismissal denied by the Fair Work…

Lisa Oldham