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When 91=99

India - February 7 2023 It is trite maths that 91 cannot be equal to 99. However, in the recent trademark case before the Delhi High Court, the use of the numeral "99" as a…

The other side of the greener grass

India, United Kingdom, USA - February 1 2023 Environmentalism and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria have become important considerations in the present times. However, the…

Fair Dealing of Works protected under Copyrights: De Fontbrune v. Wofsy

France, India, USA - January 30 2023 The fundamental purpose of Copyright Laws is to make artists and creators capable of reaping the rewards of their intellect. However, the doctrine of…


India - January 19 2023 A short judgement (5 pages long) passed by Justice Sanjeev Narula of the Delhi High Court on the 10th of January '23 came to my notice. The case goes…

Kapferer Brand Identity Prism

India - January 13 2023 Jean-Noël Kapferer is an Emiritus Professor of Marketing at HEC Paris. He is known for his works on brand identity, strategic brand management…