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The freedom of speech and expression and the right to be forgotten

India - July 17 2014 Freedom of speech and expression, subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by the State is a fundamental right guaranteed under Constitution of…

Adv. Sahil Ahuja, Dr Mohan Dewan, Adv. Vinay D. Dwarkadas, Apurva Parundekar.

Fluid trademarks – a trend

Global, India - July 12 2014 Fluid - the work suggests movement. Fluid Trademarks stand true to their name. Used to great effect by brands such as Google (also known as Google…

Dr Mohan Dewan.

Flanker brands as an IP strategy

India - July 3 2014 Creating a successful brand in the marketplace requires a lot of work and is an extremely expensive exercise. But, once a brand is established the…

Dr Mohan Dewan.

Exceptions to copyright infringement – fair dealing

India - June 18 2014 The principle of conditional grants to proprietary rights in any intellectual property is to promote public interest. This is universally recognized…

Dr Mohan Dewan.

Design litigation in India: Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd vs SPS Gambhir & Ors

India - April 8 2014 Design litigation is on the rise in India. Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. (SBHT), a manufacturer of helmets, registered a design bearing No. 241153 for…

Dr Mohan Dewan.