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Letters of Credit: UCP 600 and Turkish Law Aspects

Turkey - October 19 2021 Letter of Credit (L/C), also known as “documentary credit”, is an independent payment method widely used in international trade.

Turkey tax guide 2013

Turkey - January 9 2014 The Turkish tax regime is an important part of the economy and can be divided into three main categories: Income Taxes, such as Income Tax…

Fehmi Esmeray

International arbitration and arbitrability from the United States perspective

Global, Turkey, USA - January 9 2014 Commercial arbitration is a very old and much relied upon practice of dispute resolution between national and international companies and…

Milletlerarası Yetki Sözleşmeleri - Yabancı Devlet Mahkemelerinin Yetkilendirilmesi

Global, Turkey - October 19 2021 Uluslararası faaliyet gösteren şirketlerin ve teşebbüslerin sınırötesi işlemleri konu edinen sözleşmelerine, yabancı mahkemeleri yetkilendiren…

Economic weakness of a party & validity concerns in international commercial arbitration

Global, Turkey - January 9 2022 International commercial arbitration emerged as a privileged alternative dispute resolution mechanism over the years, besides traditional litigation…