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Moratorium on bankruptcy in Russia until 1 October 2022 already impacting current business processes

Russia - May 11 2022 The Russian Government has introduced* a moratorium on creditors filing bankruptcy cases from 1 April 2022 and until 1 October 2022. The new…

Anastasia Entyakova, Tatiana Sviridova

До 1 октября 2022 года в России действует мораторий на банкротство, который уже оказывает влияние на текущие бизнес-процессы

Russia - May 11 2022 С 1 апреля 2022 года и до 1 октября 2022 года Правительством РФ введен мораторий на возбуждение дел о банкротстве по заявлениям кредиторов. Новый…

Anastasia Entyakova, Tatiana Sviridova

Spotlight: product liability litigation in Russia

Russia - March 25 2022 An overview of litigation procedures and key considerations when bringing product liability claims in Russia, including available forums, burden of proof, defences, collective actions and damages.

In review: the product liability framework in Russia

Russia - March 25 2022 A general introduction to the product liability framework in Russia, including key legislation and the extent of regulatory oversight.

Russian Supreme Court clarifies how sanctioned companies can obtain anti-suit injunctions

Russia - December 20 2021 The Russian Supreme Court has clarified for the first time the procedure and grounds for applying the ban on carrying proceedings outside of Russian…

Igor Sokolov