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COVID-19 vaccination and testing in Russia - employment law perspective

Russia - October 7 2021 The employer may encourage employees to be vaccinated by providing information on the benefits of vaccinations, vaccines currently available, centres…

Valeriy Fedoreev, Christophe Huet

The Future is Now: The New World of Work in Russia

Russia - April 19 2021 As a result of COVID-19 and measures put in place in response to the pandemic, businesses around the world - including in Russia - have adopted new…

Ekaterina Elekchyan

Изменения в трудовом законодательстве о дистанционной (удаленной) работе

Russia - December 9 2020 Принятие Закона обусловлено эпидемиологической ситуацией в РФ и необходимостью адаптации законодательства о дистанционной работе под текущие реалии и…

Ekaterina Elekchyan, Valeriy Fedoreev, Christophe Huet

Russia changes labour legislation on remote work

Russia - December 9 2020 This Law was adopted in response to the epidemiological situation in the Russian Federation and the need to adapt legislation on distance work to…

Ekaterina Elekchyan, Valeriy Fedoreev, Christophe Huet

Russian employees can be granted leave during non-working days, says labour ministry

Russia - April 10 2020 In response to the proclamation of non-working days in Russia from 4 to 30 April, many employers subject to the President’s Executive Order* dated 2…

Ekaterina Elekchyan, Valeriy Fedoreev, Christophe Huet