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Surprising NSW Court of Appeal decision in Ku-ring-gai Council v Buyozo Pty Ltd [2021] NSWCA 177, and its implications for GFA calculations, and s4.55/4.56 modification applications

Australia - August 19 2021 The NSW Court of Appeal has this week issued an important judgment which overturns decades of law on modification applications, and reverses a recent…

Anthony Whealy

Update: Calculating Gross Floor Area (for FSR purposes) in NSW (July 20-21)

Australia - July 14 2021 12 months has passed since the release of our initial article ‘Calculating Gross Floor Area (for FSR purposes) in NSW: Everything you need to know to…

Anthony Whealy

“Ground Level (Existing)” - Everything you Need to Know for Calculating Maximum Building Height in the NSW Planning System

Australia - February 26 2021 Most land in NSW (but not all) is typically subject to a ‘height of buildings’ (‘HOB’) development control which is designed to limit the height of…

Ben Salon, Anthony Whealy

Calculating Gross Floor Area (for FSR purposes) in NSW: Everything you need to know to optimize GFA!

Australia - August 3 2020 How to measure the gross floor area (‘GFA’) of buildings, and what parts of a building are to be included or excluded from those calculations, goes to…

Anthony Whealy

The (Low) bar has been raised - NSW overhauls the law on 'physical commencement' and the implications for your development consent

Australia - May 22 2020 A critical amendment to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (‘EPA Reg’) has been introduced which in effect has overhauled the…

Nicholas Ridout, Ben Salon, Anthony Whealy