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‘Pandemic!’ - Two questions businesses should be asking (and how to answer them)

Australia - March 19 2020 In addition to our recent update on the ‘Force Majeure’ possibilities relating to COVID-19, it is important to consider the broader practical…

Scott Coulthart

Staff working from home? - How to avoid a data breach that could cost you millions

Australia - March 31 2020 The unprecedented increase in staff 'working from home' is opening the door to increased data breaches and exposing companies to a greater risk of…

Malcolm McBratney

Facebook penalised $US5 billion by the FTC - A digital privacy reckoning

Australia, USA - August 4 2019 A settlement of $US5 billion was reached between Facebook and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently - an unprecedented figure in the history…

Malcolm McBratney, Teneille Meyer

Childhood abuse cases - Queensland lifts limitation period for serious physical abuse and limited psychological abuse

Australia - March 2 2020 Late last year Queensland passed legislation (Civil Liability and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019) with the following significant changes to come…

David Slatyer

Acquisition gone cold: ACCC opposes proposed ‘chilled ready meals’ merger - key learnings for future acquisitions

Australia - October 2 2019 Two of Australia's largest 'chilled ready meals' manufacturers recently attempted to merge without informing the ACCC - B&J City Kitchen (B&J) and…

Tim Cox