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Restructuring corporate debt - debt for equity swaps

Australia - August 19 2020 For a company that is in financial difficulty, but which is still ultimately a viable going concern, a debt for equity swap can be an effective way to…

Nicole Tumiati

Breaking: US to ban Facebook Cryptocurrency

USA - July 24 2019 Leaked documents purporting to be a draft of forthcoming US House of Representatives legislation (and as reported by Reuters) suggests that the US…

Scott Colvin

UPDATE — Deeds may now be Signed Electronically

Australia - May 15 2020 Last week, we wrote about changes to allow documents to be executed electronically. To recap, the requirements of section 127 of the Corporations Act…

Scott Colvin

Lost $270 Million in Crypto Should Signal Industry Change

Australia, Global - May 10 2019 So, it happened again — another cryptocurrency exchange looks likely to have lost millions of dollars of its client’s money…

Scott Colvin

COVID-19 Changes to the Execution of Documents — Electronic Signing Now Permitted

Australia - May 14 2020 They say necessity is the mother of invention. The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a number of quick legislative changes to help…

Scott Colvin