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Does your development approval benefit from an extended currency period?

Australia - May 10 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have significant impacts on the community, including the development industry. Since 2020, the Queensland…

Sarah Macoun

Ground Rules - the identification of “ground level” for the purposes of calculating building height

Australia - January 25 2022 The height of proposed buildings or structures is often a key assessment benchmark in Queensland planning schemes. There are many instances where…

Sarah Macoun

Expert witness reports, conferences and the role of lawyers

Australia - November 5 2021 Expert witnesses play a critical role in the determination of many disputes. Unlike lay witnesses, expert witnesses are able to provide their opinion…

Aaron Alcock

EP Act executive officer liability tied to when harm is actually caused

Australia - September 9 2021 The liability of an executive officer of a corporation under s 493(2) of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act), for failing to ensure that…

Sarah Macoun

Planning and Environment Quarterly Case Review - September 2021

Australia - September 8 2021 In these reviews, we provide a snapshot of topical and interesting cases that have passed through the Queensland Planning and Environment Court (P&E…

Sarah Macoun