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Apple's bold privacy move

Australia - May 4 2021 Apple has just rolled out iOS 14.5 and it comes with a privacy catch the App Tracking Transparency feature, which puts tracking in the hands of the…

Justin Cudmore.

Hashtag Influencer Advertising

Australia - April 21 2021 Thanks for tuning in! The whole firm is raving about a new appetite supressing `tummy tea'. If you drink it, you don't need to waste time eating so…

Hannah Marshall.

OMG (Oh my Google)! Part 2

Australia - April 20 2021 You might not remember, because a few distracting things happened in between, but in 2019 the ACCC sued Google claiming that it misled Android users…

Justin Cudmore.

The Covid-19 vaccine and employee privacy

Australia - April 14 2021 We've written a few updates about the COVID-19 vaccine and your workplace (see our new workplace law publication, The Manual), including whether the…

Justin Cudmore.

Big Brother is watching. That is, if Big Brother is actually a software company called Clearview AI.

Australia - April 21 2020 Founded by an Australian tech entrepreneur, Clearview AI owns and operates a facial recognition app. A user uploads an image of a person and receives…

Justin Cudmore.