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Nailed! Marque Lawyers' semi regular wrap up of who's been sprung by the ACCC

Australia - August 15 2016 The ACCC is going gang busters on cartels. Not quite as scary as the days of Pablo Escobar, but nonetheless, it's a serious warning to Australian…

Hannah Marshall

Nailed! - Marque Lawyers’ semi­regular wrap up of who’s been sprung by the ACCC and how much it cost them

Australia - June 9 2016 You might recall that last year Reckitt Benckiser (maker of Nurofen) was done for misleading consumers about its Nurofen pain specific product range…

Hannah Marshall

ZOMG! ACCC beats US gamers Valve and proves ACL applies to foreign companies

Australia - May 3 2016 The consumer watchdog has successfully prosecuted a US computer software company for misleading consumers in Australia. The case has big ramifications…

Hannah Marshall

50 Cent taking his lawyers to the candy shop

USA - October 26 2015 From riches to rags and maybe back again, 50 Cent is making a comeback in the US legal system. Many of you may remember how back in July, 50 Cent…

Michael Bradley

Dodgy class actions take a blow buying shares just so you can sue won’t work

Australia - April 21 2015 It's hard to imagine a world where lawyers don't act to uphold justice... But a recent case in Victoria might have just touched on the Lionel Hutz…

Michael Bradley