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Battle of the T&Cs: Whose terms will reign supreme?

Australia - June 23 2016 It's a pretty common situation: You have standard T&Cs, and you get everyone to sign up to them when doing business. But sometimes the other side…

Liam Rogers

Protecting your business from online attacks

Australia - March 30 2016 Think you’re immune from a cyber attack because you’re not a big organisation like Sony, PayPal, Church of Scientology, Target and K-Mart? Think…

Simone Tierney

Beatles, bo***cks and the Bribery Act

Australia - September 7 2015 If you didn’t already spot the odd one out you obviously don’t know much about British pop culture. But hey, the Bribery Act is relevant to Aussies…

Liam Rogers

Same same but different: assignment vs novation

Australia - July 10 2015 Just kidding, they are not the same at all - just like One Direction isn't the same after Zayn left. But we digress. One of these two gems lets you…

Jennifer Tetstall

5 ways to improve your liability clause

Global - May 13 2015 Unless your surname is Kardashian, you should always try to limit your exposure. It’s impossible to eliminate risk when you’re doing business but you…

Jennifer Tetstall