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Forward thinking: Australian Government discussion paper outlines vision for 2023-2030 cyber strategy

Australia - March 27 2023 The consistently evolving cyber security landscape has seen governments take proactive action to ensure their countries remain cyber secure. The…

Alison Baker, Eden Winokur

Resilient infrastructure: risk-management program rules under SOCI Act now in force

Australia - March 1 2023 With the cyber threat landscape for Australian entities expanding and evolving rapidly, last year the Australian Government amended the legislation…

Alison Baker, Eden Winokur

2022 - A big year for cyber attacks and regulation in Australia

Australia - December 21 2022 2022 has been a big year for cyber in Australia. Most notably, two of the largest and most high-profile data breaches in our nation’s history…

Alison Baker, Allie Marshall, Todd Waugh, Eden Winokur

‘Tis the season… to have cyber security at the top of your Christmas list

Australia - November 29 2022 In this article, we focus on cyber security, particularly why data breaches spike during this time, scams to watch out for and how the sector can…

Chloe Taylor, Eden Winokur

Brace for impact - the importance of a tested cyber incident response plan

Australia - October 18 2022 Following recent high-profile cyber incidents impacting Optus (see our article No Optus - Australia’s largest data breach) and Medibank, Australian…

Alison Baker, Chloe Taylor, Eden Winokur