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Generic companies prevail against AstraZeneca in Patent war over anti-diabetic drug Dapagliflozin

India - August 31 2021 The post outlines Appeals filed by AstraZeneca against refusal of interim injunction in nine Patent infringement lawsuits filed at the Delhi High…

Ranjan Narula

Crisis of covid vaccines and role of Patents

India - May 21 2021 India is under the second wave of covid-19 facing a major public health crisis. There is a rush among people from all walks of life to get vaccinated…

Ranjan Narula

Rules of the club

India - April 30 2021 A dispute between InterDigital and Xiaomi highlighted the delicate balance between confidentiality and fair opportunity in SEP disputes, say Ranjan…

Ranjan Narula

A delicate balance: IP rights and the public interest

India - April 22 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on families, communities, and nations the world over. As the virus spreads, companies and nations…

Ranjan Narula

A roundup of key IP developments of 2020

India - January 19 2021 As we begin a new year, there is optimism and hope given the unprecedented challenges businesses and consumers faced during 2020. Our post provides a…

Swati Dalal, Shabnam Khan, Daleep Kumar, Abhishek Nangia, Ranjan Narula, Shashi Ojha