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Buy-sell agreements—the importance of valuation

USA - July 17 2012 Most privately owned, closely held businesses understand that some form of a shareholders’ agreement (commonly referred to as a “buy-sell” agreement) is desirable.

Time to plan an exit strategy

USA - November 18 2013 Many former business owners will tell you that they started to contemplate selling their business only one year before, if at all. Experienced exit…

Business plans and their distinguishing features

USA - August 7 2012 In the world of business, there is common reference to business plans, succession plans, development plans, exit plans and, although not solely related to business, estate plans.

The M&A world: now and the future

USA - November 12 2012 We have experienced a change in the nature of activity in Mergers and Acquisitions. 

The courageous

USA - October 22 2013 In order for an entrepreneur to be in business, it requires certain courage, strength of character, conviction and perseverance. As a business…