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Tech tax DOA

USA - September 17 2013 As the events of last week progressed, the Governor of Massachusetts finally decided to go with the flow, and the flow was definitely against…

Sales tax on technology services?

USA - September 5 2013 Recently the Massachusetts legislature enacted a sales tax on the sale of technology services, effective on July 31, 2013. More specifically, the act…

Selling your business? Establish a board of directors.

USA - August 29 2013 I recently attended an event in which the discussion turned to the topic of owners selling their businesses. At one point during the conversation, I…

Thinking ahead: the future of small business

USA - December 6 2012 In a previous post, “The M&A World- Now and the Future”, I wrote about the changing economy and its impact on the recent merger and acquisition activity. 

Deal or no deal: letters of intent

USA - November 29 2012 I have been somewhat absent from the blogging world since the presidential election.