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Earn out and escrow account provisions: sellers and buyers beware

USA - November 5 2013 In the practice area of acquisitions, Sellers and Buyers alike should be careful about earn outs and escrow accounts provisions in their transaction…

Warranties, representations, and covenants

USA - August 23 2012 All too often, business owners do not appreciate the significance of warranties and representations, and covenants in a definitive asset or stock purchase agreement, and the impact that such matters can have on the purchase price paid.

Deal or no deal: letters of intent

USA - November 29 2012 I have been somewhat absent from the blogging world since the presidential election.

Selling your business? Establish a board of directors.

USA - August 29 2013 I recently attended an event in which the discussion turned to the topic of owners selling their businesses. At one point during the conversation, I…

Business first

USA - October 16 2013 Sometimes as lawyers we are faced with a dilemma, which goes something like this: Client: Please review this agreement and make sure that I am…