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DOE boldly goes where it’s not allowed

USA - July 16 2013 In an astonishing display of chutzpah, the Department of Energy has proposed to regulate computer servers as "consumer products" (link). Only in a…

The Supreme Court to deliver important environmental decisions impacting businesses and municipalities

USA - November 29 2012 While it sometimes is difficult to discern the immediate effects of any Supreme Court decision, there can be no dispute that the Court's rulings often lead to fundamental changes in the law and broader impacts to society.

How environmental justice will impact your next permit

USA - June 11 2013 EPA is stepping up its efforts to "promote meaningful engagement of overburdened communities in permitting activities." In plain English, EPA has now…

EPA’s independence day surprise: what you need to know

USA - July 9 2013 Much has been made of President Obama's recent announcement that his administration will issue rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from new and…

Regulating stormwater – the never ending saga

USA - March 31 2014 What is it about stormwater? To begin, it's well-established that stormwater discharges - both point and non-point - are significant contributors to…