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When does a corporate officer or employee need separate counsel?

USA - January 30 2013 It is a profound grasp of the obvious to state that internal investigations are risky. There are so many things that can go wrong when conducting an…

Internal investigation procedures (Part I of IV)

USA - December 17 2012 This is the first of four postings on internal investigations. 

“Routine” internal investigations: initial phase (Part II of IV)

USA - December 18 2012 Decisions by the Supreme Court provide compelling reasons for employers to perform investigations. 

Five steps to improve corporate governance

USA - January 24 2013 It has been ten years since Sarbanes-Oxley was enacted. No one can argue that Sarbanes-Oxley eliminated the problem of corporate malfeasance. Maybe…

How to define “tone-at-the-top”

USA - September 30 2012 Compliance professionals frequently cite “tone-at-top” as an essential component of a compliance program.