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Accountant and Attorney Liability Newsbrief - Fall 2016

USA - September 16 2016 In this issue: Massachusetts Appeals Court Holds Standard for Attorney Fee Lien After Voluntary Withdrawal Is Objective "Good Cause," Not Lawyer's…

Catherine A. Bednar, Ben N. Dunlap, Michael T. Grant, Stephen M. Faraci Sr., Justin J. Twigg

LeClairRyan Accountant and Attorney Liability Newsbrief - Spring 2016

USA - June 1 2016 LeClairRyan shareholders Warren Hutchison and Nancy Reimer scored an impressive victory this spring when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court…

Lauren A. Appel, Ben N. Dunlap, Joseph E. "Jay" Spruill, III, D. Sutton Hirschler III, Charles K. Seyfarth

LeClairRyan Accountant and Attorney Liability Newsbrief - Winter 2016

USA - February 18 2016 In Maling v. Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, the plaintiff alleged harm resulting from his patent counsel’s failure to disclose…

David A. Slocum, Madeleine E. Cassetta, Ben N. Dunlap, Patrick E. McDonough, Justin J. Twigg

Leclairryan's accountant and attorney liability newsbrief- Summer 2015

USA - June 16 2015 The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has held the Commonwealth may not compel a law firm to produce its client’s cell phone pursuant to a grand…

Lauren A. Appel, Elizabeth J. Atkinson, Catherine A. Bednar, Daniel J. Blake, Ben N. Dunlap

LeClairRyan accountant and attorney liability newsbrief - Spring 2014

USA - June 5 2014 Within one day of each other, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts (“District Court”) in Perkins v. Massachusetts Department of…

Alberto G. Rossi, James P. Anelli, Lauren A. Appel, Elizabeth J. Atkinson, Ben N. Dunlap