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Design liability and right of way risk allocation for design-build projects

USA - January 15 2016 Design liability and right-of-way risk allocation are topics addressed in a legal research digest recently published by the Transportation Research…

Nancy C. Smith

How one misstep resulted in a $2.5 million lesson

USA - June 8 2015 Every so often, a decision comes out that makes you stop for a second and take a breath. Generally, these decisions have two essential components: (1)…

Benjamin Z. Rubin

Should Property Owners Pursue Takings Claims in State or Federal Court?

USA - March 15 2018 When state and local governments impose unreasonable conditions or exactions on private property, owners pursuing a regulatory takings claim often…

Bernadette M. Duran-Brown, David Graeler, Bradford B. Kuhn, Benjamin Z. Rubin

Homeowners Cannot Recover for Blocked Views of Hollywood Sign

USA - April 28 2016 One of the most valuable assets many homeowners enjoy is their property's view. If the government undertakes an activity that eliminates or obstructs…

Bradford B. Kuhn

Mello-Roos may be used to fund condemnation action of private utility provider

USA - April 17 2015 Those of us living in newer neighborhoods are familiar with Mello-Roos - it shows up on our annual tax bills as a way to pay off bonds issued to…

Bradford B. Kuhn