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California Coastal Act Trumps Local City Regulations Banning Short-Term Housing Rentals

USA - August 5 2022 Housing in California is a hot topic, particularly when the short-term rentals are thrown into the mix. Those opposed to short-term rentals often…

Bradford B. Kuhn

Balancing the Grantor and Grantee’s Rights to Use an Easement

USA - November 19 2021 Some easements will contain express language that delineates the respective rights of the grantor and grantee to make use of the easement. Other…

2021 Eminent Domain Case Law Year in Review

USA - January 11 2022 Throughout all of the ups and downs in 2021, there have been multiple developments on the eminent domain front, including the special occasion where…

Bradford B. Kuhn

Conveyance Language Determines Scope of Rights

USA - April 29 2022 The language in conveyance and real estate documents impacts the type of property interests that are created and conveyed and defines the scope of…

Water Utility Avoids Inverse Condemnation Liability

USA - December 7 2021 Generally, if utilities with the right of eminent domain cause damage to private property during the operation of their facilities, they may face…

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