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SEC offers proposed amendment to “accredited investor” definition to reflect new standard under Dodd-Frank

USA - February 17 2011 The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") recently proposed amendments to the definition of "accredited investor" which would exclude the value of an individual's primary residence in calculating net worth when determining accredited investor status.

John P. Beavers, Kevin M. Kinross

Time for a governance “tune-up”

USA - October 6 2010 As the dust (hopefully) begins to settle during this time of bank and market uncertainty, and a lull continues for bank M&A activity, it may be just the time to review your institution's governance structure, documents, and mechanisms to bring them up to date and to provide important alternatives and flexibility for responding to M&A and other corporate opportunities.

The Dodd-Frank reform legislation: highlights for bankers and boards

USA - October 6 2010 While much of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the "Act") is focused on issues pertaining to large "systemically-critical" institutions and publicly-traded institutions, there are many aspects of the Act that are or will become applicable to a much broader range of institutions directly or through the "trickle-down" effects of "regulatory creep".

Who is my constituency? Bank directors and the art of serving multiple masters

USA - October 6 2010 From TARP to SARs, AML to BSA, and HMDA to CRA, the alphabet soup of state and federal regulations and banking initiatives continues to grow, and directors continue to be inundated with compliance and risk management matters as opposed to focusing on business opportunities in their oversight role.

Regulatory enforcement actions: early intervention

USA - October 6 2010 It can, but rarely does, happen without warning or at least what are evident as clear warnings with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight.