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Amendments to the Native Title Act - reversing the McGlade Decision

Australia - June 14 2017 The Native Title Amendment (Indigenous Land Use Agreements) Bill 2017 (Bill) was passed by both houses of Parliament on Wednesday, 14 June 2017...

Alana Schwartz

Exploitation of Indigenous Culture Bill introduced

Australia - March 2 2017 A Private Members bill has been introduced to Federal Parliament entitled Competition and Consumer Amendment (Exploitation of Indigenous Culture)…

Alana Schwartz

Registrar v Monaghan - Key messages for your corporation

Australia - November 4 2016 On 20 September 2016, the Federal Court of Australia handed down its judgment in the case of Registrar of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander…

Alana Schwartz

Maintaining income tax exemption: Can your not-for-profit entity provide benefits to your private business?

Australia - October 31 2016 With the recent increase in the number of professionals seeking to establish a not-for-profit (NFP) entity related to a private, for-profit business…

Fleur Lewis, David Murphy, Jim O’Donnell, Jemal Zagami

Foreign resident CGT withholding: More than just land sale transactions

Australia - October 31 2016 Like a lot of tax rules, the new foreign resident CGT withholding rules (which commenced on 1 July 2016) may have wider application than first…

Fleur Lewis, David Murphy, Jim O’Donnell, Jemal Zagami