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“I’m not bound.” “Yes you are!” “No I’m not!” - The tricks and traps of heads of agreements

Australia - February 11 2020 Sometimes it can be difficult to clearly distinguish between what does and does not constitute a binding agreement. Are we still negotiating? Is this…

Mark McKinley

Land Tax Changes for Charitable Organisations

Australia - May 2 2022 The State Revenue Office (SRO) has issued a new ruling, LTA-009 (Ruling), in relation to the land tax exemptions available to charitable…

Mark McKinley, Rosemary Southgate

Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme extended: 2022 Amendments

Australia - February 4 2022 The Victorian Government has again extended the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme (CTRS) to support small to medium businesses. This version of the…

Samantha Taylor, Emma Dunlevie, Mark McKinley, Melanie Young

Pro Bono Alert: COP26 and the Glasgow Climate Pact

Australia, Global - November 22 2021 The COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow was a crucial moment for climate action. The Conference commenced amid concerns about the IPCC’s…

Malvina Hagedorn, Claudia Wortmann